Thursday, April 22, 2010

I got home from work last night after 7 o’clock – it had been a long day.

Me: (in pajamas within 3 minutes of walking in the door, flops on the couch)

John: I’m grilling that steak – come outside and sit with me.


John: Come on, we can sit in our chairs on the patio – it’s nice out.


John: Come on! You can drink wine…

Me: (perks a bit) …will you pour it for me?

John: (30 seconds later, brings a LARGE tumbler of wine as I’ve remained totally motionless on the couch)

Me: I love you so much right now.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh, yeah. This thing exists.


It has been a long and busy and rough couple of weeks. I am typing this from a hotel room in Mountain View, California, where I am sitting in my underwear eating leftover tiramisu and trying valiantly to muster the motivation to do Even More Tedious Work after spending about 12 hours a day for the past three days trying to Get Months Worth Of Shit Done. It turns out that working with software developers is like herding cats - I keep trying to get them together to talk about stuff, and they keep scurrying back to their cubicles to bury their head in code. No! Come HERE! STAY! Good boy. (There you go, a cat/mouse/dog analogy all in one.)

I am not making sense. My brain is fried. I am ready to go home.
One of the hardest things has been being away from John. I really like that dude. He is good for The Sex, and also he gets my jokes.

From: Gin
To: John
Sent: Thursday April 15, 2010 18:51
Subject: Give me credit

For showing some restraint. In one of a gajillion telecons this week, someone talked about a particular process being “tricky”. It was ALL I COULD DO to keep from interjecting, “You know what else I’m finding tricky? Rocking a rhyme. That’s right on time.” K. was on the line, so she may have thought it was funny, but the rest of these people are effing computer geeks, and I don’t think they would have gotten it.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night or wee hours of Saturday morning, being back home with my sugar lump and my kitties and also I miss Shiner.