Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In case you were wondering, I have recovered from my funk of yesterday. I did end up doing all three things on my after work agenda (get ice cream, get drunk, and get laid), though I didn’t get quite drunk, and I added on to the list: make a shitload of cookies.

I had an important meeting to I had to lead this morning, and I wanted to make a good impression, so: homemade chocolate chip (some with walnuts!) cookies. I’ve learned that it’s hard for people to bitch and ask too many questions when their mouth is full. (oh man, I just thought of the dirtiest, most misogynistic response to that.) They loved the cookies and fawned over me, so I got some much-needed ego stroking.

Anyway, back to the story I was going to tell: COOKIES.
So when I mentioned to J that I’d be making some to take to work, he whined about my never making him anything (which is close to the truth), so I doubled the batch so he could take some to work and he could be known as The Guy With The Best Wife Ever, Because He Gets Homemade Cookies And Sex In The Same Night. Anyway, I just decided to double the recipe because it was a new one I’d never tried, and I was not up to the brain function required to do 1 ½ batch. Anyway, I realized too late that this was going to make a LOT of batter, so by the time I was done I had over 8 dozen. That is 100 cookies, y’all. So when I say I was a cookie-making fool last night, belive me. No, really.

So I’ve been pretty popular around here today. Who wants cookies?


Allie Bear said...

Ummm, I want cookies!

I used to be that wife, all the guys that worked with Luis thought I was the shit because I baked all the time, I sent homemade fudge for the guys in his section, I made brownies from scratch for the bake sales and they sold out first, when he had CQ (basically 24 hour duty) I came up to his work with awesome dinners and homemade apple cobbler, now, I pretty much suck at life and never cook. I'm lazy now but maybe I'll start doing it again in Oklahoma, we'll see.

I am Trish Marie said...

I like cookies too. And I take cookie donations.

Poor Kenny. I only use the micorwave. But hey, at least he gets sex.