Thursday, April 17, 2008

Work has been kinda rough lately. I’ve been pretty busy, which has been good for my mental health, but there has been a LOT of drama of the Mean Girls variety going on, so I’ve traded one kind of mental taxation for another.

I won’t get into specifics, because none of you care (and frankly, I’m tired of rehashing), but suffice it to say I am really, really tired of women’s passive-aggressive bullshit. I miss my good girlfriends. I miss being able to talk to women that won’t totally tear me apart, personally and/or professionally, the minute I leave my desk. It’s not that I care too much what people say; people will talk no matter what, all I can do is try to limit their fodder. But the Nasty lingers in the air, and that cloud of heavy, gray Yuck hovers over our cube, and it makes it so hard to try to get through the day when that fog is in your way. Not that I buy into the New Age-y stuff, but my aura is totally cluttered and blackened.

So here’s my thought for the day: Don’t stir up shit unnecessarily, because God knows it will find you soon enough. Try being nice, or at the very least, keeping your mouth shut. Do your whining and moaning at happy hour or at home – that’s why God invented Significant Others, so you’d have someone to bitch to at the end of the day.


Allie Bear said...

You know if I worked with you I would tell you all the time how you rock and I wouldn't talk shit about you at all...unless you were wearing something super cute then I'd be like, "Did you see that bitch wearing that super cute outfit? She's a whore."

Gin said...

Oh Allie, you're so awesome. :)

I am Trish Marie said... you work with my neighbors?!

courtney said...

ugh! that sucks ... why is it always WOMEN that undermine other women? Haven't we struggled enough over the years? a girlfriend & i were just having that discussion @ lunch that we both DO NOT like working for women bosses b/c they are so damn petty & mean sometimes. WHY IS THAT??
This too shall pass ... in the office world it won't take long for something to divert the bitches (plural) attention ... they will get off your ass & focus on something else petty & stupid.
Why must people be so stupid? I ask myself everyday. Just don't let them get to you, that's exactly what they want. hang in there, 2morrow is friday. Yeah!!

Gin said...

Trish: I totally thought about your bitchy neighbors when I was writing up this post. This kind of crap follows you EVERYWHERE.

Courtney: Thanks for the encouragement! I have a feeling that these chicks are digging their own grave, and I will be the one left looking really good, just by comparison. Yay Friday!

Allie Bear said...

I'm making this quick, I'm back at blogger so I hope you didn't change your blogroll yet.

Susannah said...

That is one thing (among others) that I don't miss about my job--MEAN GIRLS. Why do they exist everywhere you go?

And that is also the one thing I am most proud of about my old job--that I never sank to that low. It's easy to be mean and so freaking hard to ignore it.

Good luck with those beeotches!

Gin said...

It's been REALLY hard to ignore and rise above; I come home and have a glass of wine nearly every day, and if I wasn't spouting gray hairs before, I will be before this is all over.

That's one thing I love about all my blog friends - we are proof that you can be a tough, smart, capable woman without stooping to the catty bullshit.