Friday, May 16, 2008

The Drunken Baker Strikes Again!

This morning, my coworkers are the happy beneficiaries of homemade banana nut bread and orange cranberry cream cheese swirl bread. Yum!

I am excited that it’s Friday – am thinking of taking a bit of vacation time and leaving a little early, even. Despite some of the usual work bullshit going on, and my previously mentioned funk, I’m in a good mood today because my plans changed at the last minute and will not have to go out of town this weekend.

“Why Gin, what plans do you speak of?”, you ask.
That would be the plan to travel to Mississippi to celebrate my sister’s high school graduation. Which is no longer occurring. Because she is a dumbass and failed algebra, despite the fact that she has long been identified as gifted, had only 2 core classes to complete this semester, and was finished with her school day at 1:15 each afternoon. Instead of this being a situation where everyone agrees that my sister is being an idiot and making bad decisions that have potential to fuck up her entire future, it has turned into a bunch of finger-pointing between my parents and the extended family she’s been living with this year. So while they all are playing Pin The Blame On The Shittiest Authority Figure, my sister is not graduating. From high school. In Mississippi. The dumbest state.

And I hate to say it, but in a way it is a relief that I don’t have to go deal with all of That and all of Them. The past several months, we haven’t been able to talk to any of that side of the family without it turning into a Big Dramatic Thing; it’s like if The Jerry Springer Show and The 700 Club had a lovechild.

So instead of getting into it, hillbilly-style, with my aunts, I will spend the weekend laying around in my pajamas and spending our economic stimulus check (WOOT!). Heaven.


Allie Bear said...

Why don't you get drunk and come bake for me?

Gin said...

I can drink and bake, but I cannot drink and drive (and then bake). (And then drive back home).
Come down to H-town, and I will whip up something tasty.