Wednesday, June 11, 2008

But not a real fur coat; that's cruel

What would I do with five million dollars?
· Pay off everyone we owe – the last teeny bit of credit card debt, my student loans, and the house
· Take care of our families – pay off our parents’ mortgages, give each of our siblings a tidy sum, start college funds for our niece and nephew (present and future), and our future children
· Build our dream house just outside Austin, and retire there

What would I do with five thousand dollars?
· Pay off the last of the credit card debt, put a chunk towards my student loans
· Fly to visit Jamie
· Let J buy that pile-of-junk project car he’s been bugging me about

What would I do with five hundred dollars?
· Buy a new chocolate brown ottoman
· Replace the windshield on my car
· Go out to dinner

What would I do with five bucks?
· Buy some Reese’s Pieces
· Buy a Coke
· Spend the rest on scratch-offs, and hope for one of the above

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