Thursday, June 19, 2008

It’s been a rough week. I think I’ll leave early and go buy some shoes.

I’m carpooling again, but now only Mon-Wed, so I relished the chance to sleep in a bit this morning. That also means I got REAL STARBUCKS this morning, instead of having to settle for the subpar junk at the cafeteria cart. Oh luscious mocha, I delight in your lovely chocolaty goodness; I would bathe in you if it didn’t give me second-degree burns.

I had a giggle driving in this morning:
I ended up behind some little four-door sedan, something a teenager would have as a first car. As I approached, I saw that there were glass-chalked letters across the rear window:

Aw, poor dude – his car got tagged! I used to do that stuff to my friends all the time in high school, but I at least refrained from profanity (kids these days…).

Then, as I got closer and the glare disappeared, I saw that the lettering actually read:

And it was some perky soccer mom driving, with her other windows decorated to advertise ASSIST, some kind of community philanthropy project.
And I laughed. Oh, that poor lady. Hee!


I am Trish Marie said...

Ha! I love when people don't fully think out their marketing ideas.

megan said...

Thanks for linking me!