Thursday, July 24, 2008

The weather is rainy and gray and my mood has been the same – I think I need a haircut.
So I apologize for being unposty lately – I’m sorry, my chickens.

I’ve been listening to music to pull myself out of my funk and block out the bad karma flying around my head around here, so in lieu of yet another diatribe on the merits of caffeine/stupidity of people/awesomeness of [pop culture phenomena], I’ll share a couple of songs with you.

The Flamingos, I Only Have Eyes For You

This is probably the most well-known version of this song, and it’s my favorite. I think of American Graffiti when I hear it (SUCH a good movie, but I have a thing for [young] Ron Howard – it’s the red hair), and to me the echoey effects of the backup singers conjure romantic, foggy summer nights.

This is Photograph, off of Jamie Cullum’s Catching Tales that I posted about previously. (Sorry I can’t find a better video, but I like the album version better then the video cut of the song.)

I love the opening piano line – it’s new and innocent and hopeful, and I love how that fits so perfectly with the message of the song: “When I look back on my ordinary, ordinary life, I see so much magic though I missed it at the time.” Dude. Word.

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Allie Bear said...

I'm not sure that's the best music to pull you out of a funk, seems to me like it might keep you there. Don't worry though, I'm not judging, sometimes I like to wallow in my funk.