Friday, September 12, 2008

The wind, it starts.

We've boarded up the windows, stashed away anything that could be a projectile, herded the cats inside, stocked up on water, canned goods, and Shiner - we're waiting it out.

We're south of Houston, roughly 25 miles inland, so we will get some pretty major weather in the coming hours. Our house is situated on the back of our 2 acres, with a very wide, totally unobstructed area of about 100 yards at the front of the house, which faces the south. "Oooh ooh ooh, hit me! Mememememe!" Sigh.

I told Jamie earlier, I don't know of J and I are brave and tough or just totally stupid. Many of our neighbors are staying as well, so if it's the latter, at least we're not stupid alone.

J and I are tiring quickly of the waiting game. I've found things to entertain myself - I have washed nearly every sheet, towel, comforter, and article of clothing in the house; my kitchen is spotless, as is the guest bathroom which I normally only clean under threat of company; I organized my bathroom drawers, and have discovered I own an alarming amount of travel-size toiletries.

J complained earlier that he was bored becuse he couldn't do anything outside. I asked if he wanted me to find something for him to do INside, and he shut his hole and quickly busied himself reading a Home Depot circular. Mm-hmm!
So, here we go: Bring it on, Ike.


Megan said...

Please stay safe, I'll be thinking of you until this storm is over.

jamie said...

I vote for brave.

I'm glad you're OK.

I miss you. I love you. Be safe. Don't be too bored.

Allie Bear said...

I hope you guys are okay, I know you are probably without power and probably will be for awhile but I just want you to know when you get back that I was thinking of you.