Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello, chickens! I am back at home chillin' after having my foot cut open this morning. In spite of my anxiety before, everything went quickly and smoothly, and my heavily-banadaged appendage will be more of a pain in the ass than an actual pain. But that might be the drugs talking.

Um, Contest! Or something!
Send me something funny, cute, amusing, entertaining, whatever at I read quickly and am caught up on all my usual blogs already, but my addled brain can't handle anything heavy just yet, so Brideshead is going to have to wait some more (sigh). Make me grin, and I will post about how awesome you are.

My homeboy The Electric Monk gets the first shout-out by directing me to a video of his totally scrumptious daughter shakin' what her mama gave her. (I should note that she's a toddler, lest any of you get all weird.) Dude:

See, now aren't you totally jealous of my affections? Satisfy the middle child in you, and send me something cool.

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