Monday, November 17, 2008

So, obviously, I'm not having the greatest day. In an effort to keep my consternation to a minimum, I'm limiting my face-to-face interaction, keeping my mp3 on high volume, and trying to keep my nose to the grindstone.

But damn this phone. I haven't figured out how to program such that I can send people directly to voicemail, and I can't let it ring off the hook, so I have to pick up the fucking thing and pretending like I am So Glad! To Finally Speak To You! Since I've Been Trying To Reach You For Two Weeks!

I can hear that those forced happy notes in my voice totally do not ring true, and The Pleaser in me feels guilty for not being able to fake it as well as I was brought up to (ha). But the other part of me is all I Don't Give Two Shits, Suck It.

I see a large glass of wine and a heating pad in my future.

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jamie said...

Welcome to my world when I have to chat with parents who tell me things like "My child is too busy to check their mailbox, please hand deliver their care package to their door!" I have perfected the chipper phone voice whilst giving them the finger with the unoccupied hand ...