Monday, November 10, 2008

Sounds I Love

(Because it's been a while since I've done a list)

  • Rain on the window (because it usually means I am cozily snuggled up inside)
  • Bacon frying (because it means I will probably get a piece)
  • Beer bottles clanking together (because it means I am out chilling somewhere, and I've likely had a drink or two of my own)
  • J singing Johnny Cash in the bathtub (just 'cause)
  • A nice slow, walking bass line (because it's mellow)
  • Soft music in the next room (because it means I'm not alone)
  • A coffee pot percolating (because it reminds me of hanging out in my Nanny's kitchen)
  • Being out shopping, and hearing someone sing along under their breath to the piped-in music (because it means I'm not the only one)
  • The dryer running in the laundry room (because it's homey)
  • The opening drums to Foo Fighters "My Hero" (because it's awesome)
  • Three-part harmony (because I'm ever a choir nerd)

What sounds do you love?

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