Thursday, December 11, 2008

Although there are still a few weeks left of the year, and I have presents to buy and wrap, friends to catch up with, and much more drunken Christmas carols to sing before the month is through, 2009 looms on the horizon – bright, shiny, unmarred, full of possibility.

It’s with a crying hangover blurring my vision, a slightly bruised ego, and a heart full of hope for the New Year that I present to you my list of resolutions for 2009.

1. Post more comments.
I am the WORST about commenting, y’all, and yet I’m still a whore for them on my own blog. Shower me with attention and witticisms so I can promptly ignore you! I’m sorry, you guys – I will try to be better.

2. Find a hobby.
J pointed out the other night night, as I was still wallowing in my pity party, that I really don’t have anything outside of work, which is probably why I brood so much over it when anything goes wrong – I let it define me. I was in a book club and a Bunco group, but both dissolved over a year ago, and I never found anything to fill that void. I need something else to distract me when the inevitable I-Screwed-Something-Up comes along again. I am open to suggestions - if you've found something you dig that helps keep you sane, please spill.

3. Make a concerted effort to be more spontaneous.
I know that I have always been this way to an extent, but the nature of my job has made me even more of a rigid planner. If Gin leaves her house at 7, sits in traffic for 38 minutes, drives through Starbucks for 4 minutes, walks through the parking lot for 7 minutes, eats lunch at 1:30, leaves work at 5:40, sits in traffic for 45 minutes, how many gray hairs does she sprout when someone disrupts the schedule and makes her late for some imaginary Home deadline? This drives J nuts, that I need a day’s notice to know if we will go to the grocery store on Thursday instead of Friday, because I have to reconcile it somehow in my head. Plus, it’s totally exhausting.

4. Toughen up.
Or, as the ever wise Jay-Z puts it, Get that dirt off your shoulder (words to live by, friends).
I am jealous of people that seem to waltz through life without getting too riled up by anything, or anyone (even if it's an act). I have no poker face, and I wear my feelings in very close proximity to my sleeve. Sensitivity has its benefits, but it can be such a hindrance, and pain in the ass (see above re: crying jag). Maybe it's something that comes more with which case, I can't WAIT to be an old lady.

What are some goals you have for the new year?


The Bouldins said...

Does it count if we have to plan our spontaneity? And I kid because I'm the exact same way ... even for things that should make no difference AT ALL.

My only goal this upcoming year:

Lose the temper.

And by that I mean learn how to control it.

Electric Monk said...

A good hobby for you, seriously: online PC gaming. It's the ultimate stress relief. Well, okay, maybe not the ULTIMATE stress relief, but it's really good.

jamie said...

Take up crocheting? I used to do that a lot, but I left all my stuff in storage in Texas. Or some other kind of crafty/creative project.

Or, if you get your Wii, use that as stress relief. Maybe get the Wii Fit and start working out more again? Exercise is usually good for making you feel a little better and I've heard really good things about Wii Fit.

Of course, all I do these days other than work and school is read books or blogs. We have no room in our apartment for more hobbies than that!