Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My brain is totally lazy today.

The crew of folks that I work with are all off participating in a simulation, which means that until 6 o’clock tonight, they are TRAPPED and CAN’T BUG ME. Which is AWESOME. But also doing very little to get me motivated. Also contributing to my slack is the fact that a decision will be made late next week that will determine whether or not the launch date I’m working to will be postponed, which means all the work I’m doing right now could be for naught since it could all change, so why expend any more time and energy when I could be writing pointless blog posts? Meh.

But you didn’t come to read any more work bitching – you came for the porn!


I stopped by Target on the way home yesterday and, like a good little economy-stimulating consumer, spent $50 on crap I really don’t need (except the butter!) to make myself feel better. I picked up the latest Vanity Fair, with Cate Blanchett on the cover (she is so awesome), and interspersed with all the fashion ads was a two-page spread for Big Love, which returns next week. Oh! My! I don’t have HBO, but holy crap do I love this show. I hungrily read the recaps on TWoP, and count the days until a season is released on DVD. I actually have yet to meet someone who watches the show real-time, but if you are rich and have premium cable, I highly recommend that you a) Invite me over on Sunday nights (I can bring snacks!), and b) Watch the show. If you don’t, add the first two seasons to your Netflix queue (though, fair warning, in the first several episodes, there is a LOT of Bill Paxton’s ass.)

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I am Trish Marie said...

We HAD to get HBO. You know, for Entourage. It was torture waiting until they released the season.

So you know, I will scoot over on the couch on Sundays, but you better bring chocolate.