Monday, March 9, 2009

So for my manicure on Friday, I got actual colored nail polish (a nice deep sort of winey red color - light shades look stupid on me because I'm so white) instead of my usual buff. I NEVER get actual polish, because it has a tendency to chip, and then the look goes from Grown-Up to Crack Whore real fast - the last time I got color was for Jamie's wedding, which was July 2007. I felt like something a little different, so I cut them really short (to prevent chipping) and went dark. I must say, it looks nice.

Now, at work at my desk and typing and writing and dialing and doing all kind of hand-y things, I keep noticing my fingernails, to the point of distraction. Whose hands are those at the end of my arms, and why are they doing my job?

It could also be the allergy meds. But it's not that unusual for me to be distracted by New And Shiny.


Allie said...

I love short dark nails, it's so chic. I also, surprisingly, like navy blue on my nails, it's like black but not so emo. LOL

I am Trish Marie said...

Hmm..I get distracted by new and shiny all the time. But that is quite usual for me.

Allie, I am jealous of all the people that call pull off dark nails. I want navy nails.