Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One of J’s friend’s father-in-law died recently.
J offered to help move some of the belongings out of the house. His friend, as a token of thanks for the help, has offered to let J have his choice of one of the FIL’s prized possessions. Behold:

Should your vision be impaired, as I understand it can be difficult to Look Directly Into The Fug, let me break it down for you:
-Stuffed dear head
-Collection of clay jugs (presence of moonshine unconfirmed
-“Southwestern” rug
-Miniature ceramic reclining ten-point buck
-Horseshoe votive holder


You can guess from my distressed tone which two of these charming pieces J has the most interest in.

J: “A bear skin rug! Our house could be like a vintage Playboy photo shoot! Or a baby bear! The kitty cats could pretend to ride it, and it would be like the circus!”
Me: “Holy crap, I am married to a Crazy.”

I get that he is probably just messing with me, but sometimes I can’t tell with him and he pulls some crazy shit. So help me God, if a piece of taxidermy should ever enter my home, I’m going to Throw Down.

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I am Trish Marie said...

Please, please for the the love of all things good get that baby bear. I need to borrow it, and put it outside my kids' doors when they misbehave. I think it might really have solved that pesky problem I have with them coming out of their rooms before time out is over.