Thursday, July 23, 2009

I seem to have misplaced my mascara this morning, and I am gravely disappointed and out-of-sorts. Putting gunk on my eyelashes makes me feel better about myself.


Jamie said...

Are you still using Too-Faced? I am in the market for some new mascara. Recently I have started being loyal to products rather than just randomly buying stuff (I use the same foundation, powder, eyeshadow and blush always now) and am looking for mascara that I really like and can just stick with for the long-term.

Allie said...

Jamie, my cousin uses some Christian Dior mascara, I think it might be called party mascara (or that might just be a name we started, I'm not sure) and it is awesome. I'm going to get some as soon as mine runs out.

And Gin, I totally agree, I need mascara, I can go without everything else but not my lashes, they need to be gunked up. LOL