Monday, August 24, 2009

Launch tonight!

So I guess I should have mentioned that there are, um, other crews of astronauts that launch into space besides the ones I worked with. Who knew!

From NASA's Twitter: "Shuttle crew is eating its last meal before launch. Among the astronauts' choices: PB&J, bacon, eggs, hamburger, fries, oatmeal."

Dude, oatmeal? Seriously?
Although, chances are fair it's going to urp up again, so I can understand wanting to stick to something perhaps a little bland, but on the other hand: you are strapping your ass to a rocket and bound for the stratosphere. Make this meal count, baby!

If I were about to depart for the great black heavens, I think my meal would consist of steak (medium rare), a fully loaded baked potato, and a Shiner.

Or maybe pancakes. Or Captain Crunch Chicken.

I haven't eaten dinner yet.

What would you eat?

P.S. If you happen to be up, catch the launch of STS-128 on space shuttle Discovery at 1:36 a.m. EDT/12:36 a.m. Central.


Allie said...

Chicken fried steak, I actually had to think about that for awhile there. I'm more of a sweets person so I'd definitely have to save room for dessert.

ZDub said...


And a Miller Lite.

With guac.

My favorite meal in the whole world.