Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The scheduling software I use here at work requires that I enter my username and password each time I open a week’s schedule. I usually have 12 weeks open at any given time. Which means 12 times in a row every morning, username/password. Yes, it’s antiquated.

This morning, pre-coffee, I was prompted to change my password (which I haven’t had to do in about 4 months). So I changed it (which took 3 tries since there is a stupid !)#*(&%(&#$ special character requirement, can’t be the same as the last 10, must be at least 10 characters, etc. And so when I finally changed it, and proceeded the chore of entering it TWELVE MORE TIMES, my fingers refused to communicate with my brain, which is connected to my eyes, which is reading the new password I just wrote down. Which means I have entered a password - first the old, then the new - TWENTY-FOUR TIMES. AND IT IS ONLY 8:30.

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