Saturday, October 10, 2009

In a fit of productivity, I decided to tackle the closet in our office, a.k.a. "Where Crap And Best-Intentioned Projects Go To Die".

Among the junk:
  • 2 cool old mirrors that "we will do something with one day"
  • 3 guitars (two acoustic and one electric, with amp) that John will "learn to play one day"
  • A can of paint (of a shade I do not recall approving) for when we "redo our bathroom one day"
  • Several boxes of pictures, including some from our wedding FIVE YEARS AGO, that we will "get around to sorting/framing/sending to relatives one day"
  • A dozen horrid picture frames we received as gifts at one time or another
  • Two large rectangles of glass from picture frames that we hated or broke
  • A collection of various sizes of cardboard boxes that I cannot bring myself to throw out because as soon as I do I will need them to hold Christmas gifts. They are not broken down, just shoved onto the top shelf.
  • CDs. MY GOD, the CDs. What do you do with those?
  • A bolt of red vinyl. What? I know.
  • A broken phone
  • A broken 10-CD disc changer
  • An old Epson computer printer that John's mother gave us years ago. I don't know why.
  • Two hunting rifles that we inherited from a moving relative. Despite the fact that we don't have any shells for them, their presence in my home makes me very nervous. Also, we are not hunters - just eaters, thank you.
  • Several other pictures and objects that we can't deal with or can't bring ourselves to throw out, so we have agreed to put them in the attic where they will induce guilt on a much less regular basis.

And that's about half. I made some progress on reorganizing/sorting/trashing, but now it's all scattered around me on the floor, and I'm wondering why I thought it was a good idea an hour ago.

Where do you stash the crap you can't deal with? And while we're talking, can I interest you in some ancient, discarded computer equipment?


Electric Monk said...

Please please PLEASE let it be a dot-matrix printer.

John said...

The shotgun and rifle will come in handy when we have to forcibly protect ourselves from the gov't. And we do have shells for them. Plenty of shells.

John said...

Ding!!!! Bright idea. Maybe we can shoot at the printer and all the other junk.

Allie said...

I throw everything away out of fear of becoming a pack rat like my mother. I throw away things that I know I will use again someday but I just don't want to store it. It actually really bothers me that we have bins full of Christmas decorations, I keep them in a shed inside our garage so I don't ever have to look at them and that way I don't go all psycho and throw them away. My neighbors and friends love me because I give away a lot of stuff.