Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like, woah.


Words can hardly describe how amazing the concert was last night. I’m not even a megahugefreakout U2 fan, but y’all…just, like, wow, superawesome. Transcendent.

I got more geeked up than I thought I would – I guess it’s just getting swept up into The Communal Experience – but if our seats hadn’t been, literally, the second row from the top with very little space, I would have been doing some jumping/thrashing/convulsing.

The stage was amazing:

Image from the Milan show via

The screens they had were the coolest effing thing I’ve ever seen. It was made up of all of these mini-screens of a flattened- honeycomb-type shape. When they were all squished together, they made a huge solid 360 screen, but then they would stretch out, where there would be space in between each mini-screen, and the effect was just breathtaking.

The first few of songs were of their newer albums, and I wasn’t familiar with them. The first one I really know was “Mysterious Ways”, and it’s one of those that I didn’t realize I knew all the words until I found myself singing the entire thing. WOOOOOO! After that was “Beautiful Day”. The song started, and the energy built up through the first verse, and when they got to the chorus and the band and the crowd and the lights and the everything just EXPLODED, and I swear y’all, I know it sounds totally nutty – I just wanted to jump out of my seat in Section 644 Row M Seat 1 and just fly and glide over the crowd, buoyed by the energy of it all. The song ended with an inclusion of a bit of “Here Comes The Sun”, which just filled my heart further because I love George Harrison. That was the first time I cried (of three – the other times being during “Your Blue Room”, when they did shout-outs to everyone they met at Johnson Space Center the previous day, as well as to the astronauts and their families in the crowd, with a beautiful video of moments from the Apollo program, Spacelab, up to footage of current on-board ISS crewmember Frank DeWinne speaking the verse “Zooming in/Zooming out/Nothing I can do without/A lens to see it all up close/Magnifying what no one knows/Never in company/Never alone/No car alarm/No cellular phone”, and then again during a “One/Amazing Grace” medley) – it wasn’t like, cheesy passing-out sobs, but just tears streaming down my face, I couldn’t stop it if I tried. No lie, it was truly a religious experience.

I was on my feet nearly the whole time, with several trips up and down the stairs to our seats, so my knees are SHOT, I am hoarse from ‘WOOOOOOOOO-ing” (SO. MUCH. WOO.), my hands still sore from clapping, my ears still ringing a bit, and a little groggy on only about 5 hrs of sleep. But it was so worth it.

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