Monday, October 19, 2009

So I took a stack of printouts home with me this weekend, my plan being to scribble and make notes all over the paper in the comfort of my pajamas, and then bring said papers back with me this morning to update the database with my notes.

Guess where those papers and notes are? Yeah.

Anyhoo, so yesterday I was working on my stuff in the office, a kitty at my feet on the couch, my tea next to me and Pandora grooving on my Cheesy Listening channel. The Turd Cat was dozing cutely as Phil Collins played, and as he crescendoed into the second verse with “well I ReMEMBAH!”, the cat startled, her head shooting up and ears perking, alarmed. I giggled. She slowly dozed back off as the verse continued…until the first beat of the superawesomestbestofalltime drum breakdown, when the cat sprang straight up and took off for the other room. Heh.

Oh, Lawd.

Happy Monday.

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