Sunday, October 18, 2009

Probably once a day, I have a thought or a conversation or something dumb happens and I think, "Hm, this will make a good post." And so I start making mental notes of what I want to write, links I want to include, blah blah blah. But more often than not, I sit down in to an empty space, cursor blinking "go. go. go.", and my memory gives me the finger and I don't have anything to say anymore. Which is why many of my posts are crap.

When something strikes me at work, I open a new blank email, address it to myself (lest I accidentally fire it off to someone thinking a bulleted list of Why I Love Cheese is actually something work-related), so that way I can seem busy and important, what with the typing and the furrowed brow. It's easy to take 2 hours or a whole day to finally finish it off, and there's less pressure somehow.

At home, it's harder - that orange button in the corner, "PUBLISH POST",oh my god okay I'll write something please quit yelling! I have something to say, I think, but I just can't get it out there.

We went out last night - tacos and music and beer, oh my! - and there were a few goofy little things that happened that I thought would make for a good post, but today all I can come up with are
  • Tacos are delicious.
  • People-watching is fun.
  • Dropping, with some purposeful force, a full bottle of beer in the middle of the dance floor when the band is only the second song into their set should be grounds for immediate explusion. I do not wish to risk my safety traipsing about in puddles and glass shards. You, ma'am, are an asshole.
  • Despite my best efforts, the above incident totally ruined my buzz and my evening. DOUBLE ASSHOLE ON YOU, WOMAN.
  • I am maybe too old and too sensitive to go out anymore.

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I am Trish Marie said...

See my problem is that all the time Kenny and I are laughing at something so hard that my cheeks hurt. And? I think, "THIS will make an awesome blog post." Then I try to write it down, and it just isn't all that funny. Or really, I realize how everyone will realize that I am entertained by really stupid stuff.

Like, does everyone really need to know that late at night, Kenny and I attempt to race the dogs? I think not. Actually, that is a pretty funny story.... I might tell that one.