Friday, October 2, 2009

This morning

6:15 – Out of bed

6:17 – Begin assembling Gorilla Bread for office breakfast

6:30 – Throw it in the oven, hop in shower

6:50 – Shake John out of bed, brush teeth, dress, get crap together

7:10 – Take it out of the over, throw it in cake carrier, off to work

7:25 – In and out of grocery store to pick up ice cream for office lunch thing and something for lunch

7:45 – Stuck in super crappy traffic, apply makeup

8:00 – Dear Starbucks, I want to make out with you. Love, Gin

8:10 – Make the trek through the endless, puddled parking lot hauling heavyass cake carrier, purse, coffee, umbrella, and a gallon of ice cream.

8:20 – Finally at my desk.

8:25 – Dear Gin, We want to make out with your Gorilla Bread. That is not a euphemism. Love, Your Coworkers

I am exhausted. Is it time to go home yet?

1 comment:

I am Trish Marie said...

I wouldn't know whether or not the gorilla bread is makeoutable, because nobody made ME any. Although I did get Starbucks and a donut this morning. It was my treat to myself after being up all night with flu infested children.