Monday, January 25, 2010

Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon says her multiple procedures were a "well-thought out career move." And: "Heidi sees herself as the new Marilyn Monroe — she sees the need for a new blonde starlet in Hollywood and she wants to fill that void." [Radar Online, via Jezebel]

Right, because there is a total shortage of bleach-blonde, vapid, plastic, needy women in entertainment. OF COURSE.


Electric Monk said...

Do you know if they're looking for slightly overweight, mid-30s white guys?

Gin said...

Sure - it just means you will get a hot wife on your laugh-tracked sitcom - look at Kevin James, Jim Belushi, Donal Logue. LIFE IS SO HARD FOR WHITE MALES 18-35.

ZDub said...

I think she was so pretty before she hacked her face up.

It's really jacked up; she has major body issues.