Monday, February 1, 2010

C: No way it'll be this bad once it gets through Congress. And even if it is, ISS till 2020!

And by then, the Republicans will be back in power and they'll let us build interstellar warp drives.


G: Oh God.

C: What?

G: Oh nothing, the idea of President Palin letting us build interstellar superspeed whatever whatevers.


G: I would like to go back to bed, please.


C: If she promised faster-than-light travel, THEN I might vote for her.

G: I cannot trust a woman who wears a Bumpit.


C: I don't know what that is.


G: The thing that makes her hair pouf at the crown of her head.

C: I thought that was the alien implant.


John said...

What's wrong with president Palin. That would be a big win for the feminist movement. And she's a MILF. That's why other women don't like her. She's pretty hot. She could use that to her advantage. also intergalatic planetary warp drives are cool. The Beastie Boys could help with space inspired rhymes.

Ginny said...

Feminism isn't about having women in positions of power and influence just because they are a WOMAN, but because they are the best suited for the position. Electing her as the Token Female would not be a step forward for the feminist movement. Men voting for her because she's "hot" and not because they believe her to be the best candidate would be a huge step back for women, and it is annoying as fuck that you are using the words Feminist Movement in vain, even if you are just doing it to take the piss out of me. If you were here, I'd totally smack you for this MILF business.