Wednesday, March 31, 2010


C: So, girl downstairs wearing a loose-fitting, majorly off-the-shoulder blouse. Work appropriate?


G: Off-the-shoulder is only appropriate on a sweatshirt in music videos circa 1983.

Says the chick dressed like a flight attendant, so take with the appropriate-sized grain of salt.

C: I've been waiting for the appropriate time to come by and ask for a bag of pretzels.

G: I probably would not have gotten it – I’d have opened my snack drawer and started poking around.


G: And then you would have made a snide remark.

And I'd have given you the finger.

And you would have clutched your pearls and gasped.

C: Sooooo, pretty much like every other day.

G: Pretty much.

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ZDub said...

I really, really like you.