Tuesday, June 8, 2010

John, waking up after a nap on the couch: Wait, you missed 'Glee'?
Gin: No, I caught the last 15 minutes [which I will not post about].
J: You better not tell your little nerd friends that you missed it.
G: Meh, I don't care, I'm not as into it as I used to be - I kinda thought it jumped the shark a few weeks ago.
J: Jump the what?
G: You don't know what "jump the shark" means?
J: Uh, no.
G: It's a phrased used to describe a specific moment when a show has gone from Good, then to Cheesy Campy Good, to No Freakin Way This Is Just Too Much - it comes from that episode of 'Happy Days' where Fonzie jumps over the shark with his motorcycle.
J: NO WAY. First of all, he jumped over the shark on waterskis, and that was a really good episode! He overcame his fear of the shark, and stood up to the beach bullies!
G: ...I love you so much.


Jamie Bouldin said...

I love that J is old enough to actually have seen that episode :) AND that he liked it enough to defend it. I, too, am rather fond of that guy sometimes, ha!

ZDub said...

I thought Fonzie was on his motorcycle too, but on skis on the same time.


Also, Glee can suck it. The finale? Eff. She had a baby in like 4 minutes. Give me a break.