Monday, February 25, 2008

It’s Gonna Be A Good Day, Tater

This morning, like every weekday morning, I did my usual Starbucks drive-thru, “grande-nonfat-no-whip-mocha-with-a-sticker-on-the-mouthpiece-$3.83-at-the-window-thank-you” routine. I roll up to the window, and my favorite barista was working – she is pleasant and friendly but still strictly business (she also has the cutest tiny star tattoo behind her ear that I am totally jealous of). She doesn’t greet me with her usual rhetorical, “Hey, how’s it going?”, so I know something is up. I am waiting a bit longer than I usually have to, and I can tell she’s pretty annoyed. As she finally gets the handoff of my hot, delicious mocha, and I’m pulling out my fiver to pay, she says “No charge this morning, because I work with a bunch of idiots. Have a good day!”

Oh Starbucks Girl, I love you – let’s go steady.


Allie Bear said...

Don't you love days that start off like that? I had to make my coffee myself this morning :(

J said...

Not only did I not make the coffee this morning, but I woke up late, feeling like crap, and had to walk Princess into school to get her tardy slip.

I want my days to start like yours do! (Allie, come make me coffee!)