Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can I just say something: I love it when people cuss at work.

I mean, not like every other word, but to make a point, or in times of great frustration. People who do this, “Oh, fudge!” business (unless you’re a grandmother, in which case I can maybe buy it) drive me up the wall. Get over yourself, no one cares if you say Shit! under your breath when you get a crap email or something.

Anyway, lately I’ve heard more and more of the word Fuck around here, and I really cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Maybe that’s weird, but I use fuck in all its incarnations when I’m at home, so much so it’s maybe a little ridiculous, so hearing it at work makes me feel more comfortable (assuming it’s not directed at me, as in You Fucking Bitch).

I’ve been assigned to manage the training for an important group of people here at work for the next year or so, and the last several times I’ve met with the lead of that group, he’s called things out as Bullshit, or said “such and such will bite us in the ass”, and when he does that, I think, “Oh Dude, you and I are going to get along splendidly.”

I’m rereading what I just wrote now, and it sounds totally dopey, like I’m all “Yay, cussing! Supercool!”, but I’m easily entertained these days, so cut me some slack.

In other news, today is my Friday (YAY!) since I’m taking tomorrow off so J and I can go to Austin for the Lone Star Roundup and to run around and hear bands and spend money and maybe have some nice Hotel Sex.

My mood has been better the past couple of days, which is nice – it’s tiring being irritable all the time. I saw an agenda for a meeting I have next week, and it included something that I thought would resolve an ongoing conflict and relieve some of the tension that’s been getting to me over the past couple of weeks, but I just found out it’s just about an aspect of said conflict, and that sucks, because I am really just ready to rip the Band-Aid off already – will I have a job in two years or not??? I’ve been busier though, and I know that’s helping – being bored for so long would make anyone crabby.

Boo. Enough of this boring, depressing work crap.
Look – baby monkey!


courtney said...

I love this b/c I'm the say way. It's like I have a newfound respect for ppl (esp @ work) when they say 'fuck'. It makes them more accessible & real to me! :) funny!

courtney said...

and I've always wanted a baby monkey. I think you're like my kindred spirit.

Gin said...

I want a baby monkey too, but I think I might just nom nom nom it to death, because it would be so cute I couldn't stand it :)