Friday, June 27, 2008

Don’t Try This At Home

When I left work around 5 yesterday, I had an AWFUL sinus headache.
As I was driving offsite, I blindly dug around in my purse until I found my new pack of sinus headache OTC stuff, and popped a couple.

I ran a few errands, went home and started dinner, and noticed I felt kind of weird. A couple of hours later, I was feeling really, really weird – slack-jawed, impaired motor skills, STU. PID. – and then I remembered taking the sinus meds. They always make me feel loopy, so I was relieved that I hadn’t taken it any earlier, and just went to bed early.

Woke up at 6 this morning, still feeling a little lightheaded. Whew, that’s some potent shit! When I was waiting in the drive-thru at Starbucks this morning, I dug the Aleve box out of my purse, and was greeted by the proud proclamation, “One Tablet = 12 Hours Of Relief!”

One Tablet? Twelve Hours? And I took TWO!?!?

Well, no effing wonder!!!!

Hugs Not Drugs, Kids.


Allie Bear said...

Oh, I'm notorious for taking too much meds and acting super wacky because of it. It's kind of like

jamie said...

I took some Equate brand Tylenol PM the other night and slept 10 hours without moving. My alarm did not rouse me and it took the phone ringing a good hour later to finally get me out of bed.

Sometimes those pills don't do much of anything for me, and sometimes they knock me flat on my ass. However, I take the recommended dosage. Unlike some folks :)