Thursday, June 26, 2008

My My, How Can I Resist You?

I had a wonderfully long phone conversation with Jamie last night, during which we watched I Love The New Millennium together in different time zones (don’t get me started on how Too Soon it is to be rehashing the first iPods and Super Size Me – I still have underwear I bought in 2003. And yet I watch.) Anyhow, there was a commercial break, and at the start of the first spot, I gasped in delight.

Jamie: “It’s Mamma Mia there, isn’t it?”
Me: “OMG YES!!!”
Jamie: “I knew you’d want to see it.”
Me: (Oblivious, singing and dancing around my bedroom in said underwear from 2003)

For real.
Can’t wait for this.

With the lovely Meryl Streep! And Colin Firth! And Amanda Seyfried! (I have a hetero girl crush on her – she is so amazing in Big Love. I didn’t know that she was in it until I started seeing the commercials, and that only multiplies my excitement.)

And yes, I fully realize how much potential for suck this has.
BUT COME ON. It’s ABBA. You can’t go wrong with ABBA! Because they’re awesome! And a palindrome! Which is pleasing to my OCD nature!

If this doesn't make you want to dance around in lamé and platform shoes, you are dead inside, my friend.


Allie Bear said...

I was watching the same thing last night and I'm super excited about Mamma Mia too. Can't wait to see it....and I love VH1's I love the ___'s specials.

courtney said...

I saw Mamma Mia the musical 3 times - two in Dallas & once in vegas. so.excited!!

the cast is amazing & the story/songs are oh-so-good. Def a summer chick flick. My friend renee & I are already planning on seeing it when I go see her in the OC in august.

Jamie said...

See, I have nothing against Colin and Meryl - I have a longstanding crush on Colin!

I think it's the way the commercial for Mamma Mia! is cut. Particularly the part where Meryl falls through the roof onto that bed. It's easy to make musicals look stupid by showing tiny pieces from here and there. I'm not opposed ... I'm just reserving judgment :)