Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are all husbands like children?

On the phone
Me (stressed): Server was down all afternoon, so I’m working pretty late tonight. You’re on your own for dinner – we’ve got leftovers and stuff in the fridge.

J (pitifully, with eyes dilated, at the optometrist's): Oh. But I’m hungry nooooow.

Me: So go eat something. GOD.


The Bouldins said...


and "Yes."

Megan said...

Thank god he's not like Susan's husband on Swingtown, complaining that dinner isn't ready when he comes home from work.

Amanda said...

Yes, they are like children, and maybe worse because they know better! :)

I am Trish Marie said...

I just taught my seven-year-old how to open the dishwahser, so she can put her dishes away by herself instead of dumping them in the sink. Next week, I am teaching Kenny the same trick.

Allie Bear said...

LOL, it would have been really funny if he whined and stomped his feet while he said that.