Thursday, July 10, 2008

I’ve been totally buried this week. Send a rescue dog with the little jug of liquor around his neck. Throw me a life preserver made of chocolate chip cookies (but make it water resistant and buoyant or…something.) Send me a hug and a backrub.

So my brainpower is all used up on work, and I have no juice left for you, my lovelies, but here are a few bits of pulp:

-We had dinner at my in-laws’ on Sunday, and my 17 year-old brother-in-law and my 10 year-old nephew were playing Rock Band on drums and guitar, respectively. I watched for a while, and then asked if I could play on vocals; they agreed in much the same manner that you appease your crazy aunt every time she wants to regale you with the same tired story of the time she saw Wayne Newton in concert and he kissed her ON THE MOUTH. And then. I proceeded to Rock It. We played for nearly four hours, stopping only for a few minutes to eat dinner, and then when J pointed out that No Really, You Have To Work Tomorrow. There were a few songs I didn’t know, but still: Dude. It’s like karaoke with points, plus TAMBOURINE, which makes everything better. Aaand I gave my avatar a giant bouffant, which is pretty fucking awesome, too. Dear Rock Band, I love you; let’s make out. Love, Gin

-I went out and bought the first season of Mad Men yesterday, and (for me) the special features alone are worth the cost of the box set. I forgot how visually stunning this show is. Love! Do yourself a favor and put in on your queue, rent it, buy it, WATCH IT. If you don’t like it, you can march right down here and spit in my coffee. The new season starts on Sunday July 27 on AMC – just enough time for you to get all caught up!

-One of my coworkers keeps an herb garden that is producing like crazy, and she brought in a bunch to share with us. I got some rosemary and Greek oregano, and it’s sitting here on my desk in cute little mini paper bags. It smells so good I could huff it. Is that weird?


Megan said...

I HEART ROCK BAND! My husband and I have a "band" with our friend Lisa. Way too much fun. It's good for parties too. I can't wait to have kids and make them play.

Allie Bear said...

So, I haven't played Rock Band yet due to the high cost factor but I L-O-V-E Guitar Hero. Question: If my voice is aweful does that mean I won't get points? Just wondering.

Gin said...

Allie: If you keep the setting on Easy, the game is less picky about how on-pitch you are. I kept it on the Easy setting for songs I flat-out did not know and just sort of talk-sang like Bob Dylan, and still got like 80%.

Another note: Beastie Boys' Sabotage, despite being a rap so there's no actual singing involved, was still effing hard.

jamie said...

We played Rock Band at our friends' apt in Houston when we were back for Spring Break, and we stayed there a good two hours past when we'd planned on leaving just because I was rocking out to Jet and other awesome hits. I did vocals as well, and as I can't really sing, I can attest that easy setting is the best :)

I am Trish Marie said...

I can't sing. Do they have a "super easy cause you suck" mode?