Thursday, August 7, 2008

I’ve been boring and no fun lately, not to mention un-posty.
If I were a texture, it would be that of clammy, lukewarm baloney.
If I were a color, it would be a weak greenish beige.

I’ve been really, really busy and it’s been too hard for me to try to find the time and the mental energy to post at work. J and I have been trying for several weeks, unsuccessfully, to get the DSL connection at the house functioning properly. Apparently, even though several of our neighbors have the same high-speed connection and plan that we signed up for, our house is in the middle of a Black Hole Of Suck And Non-Service, so we’ve each spent several hours on the phone with billing/tech support/dozens of CSRs trying to get things sorted out (on a related note: Dear AT&T: Fuck You. Love, Me). It’s been incredibly frustrating and time-consuming, but hopefully by the end of this week, we will have internet access, and we can finally party like it’s 2002. Please refrain from mocking our lateness to the party – I’m totally aware of how lame we are.

Lately I’ve developed an extremely low tolerance for bullshit. And I don’t know if it’s because of my work environment, stress, or that I’m just that old and jaded already, but each day I’m getting it harder and harder to bite my tongue instead of calling people out left and right. I understand the fuzzy, non-commital language of middle-management, but when people start legitimately buying into what could only be described as "hype" if one used that term VERY loosely, I check out. Getting a day off in the middle of the week for the non-event of Tropical Storm Edouard was nice and relaxing, but only bought me one more day of composure; by the COB tomorrow, I will be at my wits end and needing a drink. Maybe it’s a sign that I should only work 4 days a week; hmmmm… If I can work that up into a cost savings proposal with a clever graph, maybe I’ve got a shot.

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