Friday, September 26, 2008

I took the afternoon off yesterday so I could go grocery shopping and finish re-stocking our fridge and do laundry and just settle back in to being home. My mom called at exactly 5:10 as she was driving home from work.

Mom: Hi baby, I was just calling to check in. It will be strange going back to the house with no one else coming home tonight.
Gin: I know. But we’re really glad to be home. […and resume sexy times.]
M: Your dad and I were really sad when you and [J] left. The house was so quiet with you gone.
G: I know. It was good to be able to spend time with y’all.
M: Yeah. So we were sad for a minute. But then we realized we could walk around pantsless again, so we felt better.


J said...

LMAO. Last night my mom called me and said something funny and it made me think that I should keep track of this stuff and write a blog about it. Seems like we think in similar ways! :)

Electric Monk said...

Wow. I like your mom, especially for someone I've never actually met.

jamie said...

Was it weird to realize that you and your mom like having a house to yourself for the exact same reason? :)

zakary said...

Nice work using 'sexy times' into a blog post.

I consider it a good day when I can use that phrase!