Friday, September 26, 2008

The good thing about carrying around a big purse is that you can fit a lot of things in it.
The bad thing about carrying around a big purse is that you end up carrying around a bunch of crap.

The following are in my bag:

A catnip toy

3 pens (4 if you count the pieces of my awesome Cross pen that I’ve been meaning to get repaired…for 5 years. No, really.)

1 pencil

1 lip pencil, cap missing (uh-oh)

4 kinds of lip balm

6 different varieties of OTC decongestant (No, really)

3 other kinds of OTC meds

A toothpick (I honestly have no idea where this came from)(And I threw it away)

Earbuds, but no MP3 player

3 different shopping lists

6 bobby pins

12 hair bands

And this is AFTER I threw away a large handful of old Starbucks and restaurant receipts…


J said...

What's really sad? I have stuff like that in my purse and it's not even a big one! I would categorize it as medium, maybe.

I'm suprised there weren't any stray tampons or anything in that mess!

Allie Bear said...

Sounds like me only I always end up with McDonald's toys in there too.