Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been a crappy, crappy blogger this week. I made (drug-fueled) promises of heaping praise on those of you who were kind enough to provide me with entertainment and distraction, and then I fell off the face of the earth (except to gripe about desserts).

And so, without further ado: Virtual Dap

Amanda from Sucker For Marketing: I see your Winnie the Pooh and raise you a Sock Monkey:


Megan from A Rollerskating Jam is rad for answering my (upon further and sober review, embarrassingly long and rambling) email and taking it in stride when I admitted that I am kind of mesmerized by the booty on her header (you’re totally going to go and look now, aren’t you? Yeah, you are. BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY)

The Electric Monk – dude has no shame for vying for a second shout-out. You seem starved for attention; are you a middle child, or one of those feral kids, like on the Discovery Channel?

Jamie – you will always get love from me, just for being awesome and for having great taste in shoes.

And a note from Jo always cheers me up. Bum foot or no, you can call me Gimpy anytime.

Part II: In Which Our Heroine Blogs With The Aid Of A Glass Of Wine – Stick With Me, I’ve Got A Point Somewhere In Here

Speaking of Joanna, the other day she wrote something about Friend Crushes that totally struck a chord with me. You know, how you meet someone you think is just So Effing Awesome, and you are all, I totally want to be their friend, but maybe they won’t think I’m cool? What if I try to talk to them and they laugh at me with their friends and then prank call me during their sleepover this weekend?

I find as I get older (Haven’t you heard? Twenty-six is the new Fifty.), it is harder for me to make friends. When you’re young, it’s easy – Let’s share crayons and be best friends forever! I don’t know where the bathroom is either; let’s wander around together and try not to look like freshmen. Hey, I’m a history major too! Maybe it’s that I don’t get out enough. Maybe I should be more social. But it’s just HARD. Especially since I feel like I’m teetering on the edge between two very different worlds: With or Without Kids.

But the blogosphere (for better or worse) (and oh God, I hate that word)(I mean I hate “blogosphere”, although “for better or worse” is kind of tired, too) can be the great equalizer. Socialize at your convenience! Expose as little or as much of yourself as you want (in more than one sense)! No worries about your kids or significant others getting along! And, even better, Google to find someone else who posts about the Limbo Rock! My little blog has given me the opportunity to get to know some cool people, to learn about things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, to read and laugh and groan and cry.

And so my point is…what? Um, Change? 42?

No. The point is, Thank You. You are all my Heterosexual, Platonic Friend Crushes. I like you. I’m glad you seem to think I’m cool. Let’s sit together in the caf at lunch, okay?


The Bouldins said...

I totally went and looked.

Amanda said...

Oh totally win! The dress is amazing, but that hair!!

Electric Monk said...

Great post! Couple of quick questions for ya...

Were you drinking wine with your painkillers?

Why does my name link to a blog about roller-skating booties?

Gin said...

OH NO - bad links and rambling; I really do look like I've been mixing, don't I?

Link is fixed - hey, at least it didn't send you to a blog about naked booties.

Megan said...

Oh, Gin. I didn't mean to ignore your booty comment. IT WAS AWESOME! I too am mesmerized by it, as well as my husband. That's why it is there. I only wish mine looked like it(with the matching legs too.) I guess I was too busy trying to put together a response to your email that sounded cogent and "adult", something that at 35 I still sometimes doubt I sound like.