Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And so today begins my much-needed not-quite-two-week vacation. The past month has kicked my ass, and I am very much looking forward to turning my brain (mostly) off for a while. As a precaution, I've posted a reminder:
We'll see if I stick to it.

This year has been HARD. Between work, the To-Baby-Or-Not-To-Baby thing, more work, hurricane, more work, stupid bullshit foot surgery, more work, panic attacks, more work, not to mention all the scary real world shit that I have sort of ignored because it was all I could do to handle my own business...I am SO OVER 2008. And while, realistically, 2009 does not appear to be any less challenging - it's likely to be just as grueling, if not more so than this year - I'm hoping to have learned enough about myself and what I can handle (or not) that I can at least manage it all a little better.

Now I wash my hands of the remaining 8 days of the year, and 2009 can Suck It and wait until I'm ready. Bring on the food, friends, family, and more than a couple glasses of wine. Let's all enjoy the In Between, shall we?


Electric Monk said...

So in case you're wondering, one of Ginny's Reader subscriptions is to:


Allie said...

Sounds marvelous, I'm over 2008 too.

I am Trish Marie said...

2008 sucked ass. I am very much ready for another year. Not so much 2009, because I just found out that Emmi needs TWO surgeries in the next three months. So that is how I am rining in the new year. Can I skip to 2010? That year might be okay for me.

zakary said...

Yes, let's fast forward to 2010 and get this shit storm over with.

Happy Holidays and stay off the email!


jamie said...

Excellent wine + Farkel + More good wine + Apples to Apples + Another glass? Sure! + Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture = One hell of a night with G&J (plus the husbands).

Eff off, 2008. Bring on the goods, 2009. God knows we deserve it.