Thursday, January 29, 2009

It occurred to me at 8 last night that I had volunteered to make a dessert for our boss’ birthday today. During my rush of cleaning up the kitchen, assembling a cake (homemade chocolate sheet cake with homemade chocolate icing with pecans yum yum yum!), and watching Lost, I fell backwards/sideways over my open dishwasher door, and ATE IT. As I laid there, trying not to cry (more from mortification than pain), it occurs to me that I haven’t cleaned under the fridge in a long time, and that if I had broken my leg and had to call an ambulance (J was gone to class), I would be ashamed at how dirty my kitchen floor is.

So now I have a large ugly scrape/bruise directly in the crease behind my right knee. It is quickly breaking me of my bad habit of sitting at my desk with a leg tucked underneath me. I’d post a picture of the damage to further illustrate my clumsiness, but I am also ashamed at how white and prickly my legs are.

So, uh, yeah, Happy Friday Eve!


Scandalous Housewife said...

When I first read that you "ate it", I was thinking you "ate" the bosses cake!!!
Good news: It is ALMOST Friday!

emily said...

i remember the days of "Friday Eve"....i miss those wisely days with you!

p.s. That is a doozy of a scape!!

emily said...

that's *scrape*

emily said...

I just realized I should share my most recent fall in a sense of friendship (there's snow and ice here, so falling is not exactly a strange occurrence for me). Anyways, we were at this outdoor private zoo just before Christmas with our neighbors. One minute I was talking to everyone, the next I am on my ass thinking "what happened?" The cool part? I didn't spill a drop of my hot chocolate! My ass did hurt a bunch though! :)