Thursday, January 29, 2009


Remember? A long time ago when I said I wanted something new? And then ice caps melted, and then it was a new year and, uh, life happened? I know, I know: it's about damn time.

Go full-screen for the full effect. So what do you think?

Also, after a glass of wine, I've decided it's a good idea to share the aftermath of The Big Spill:

This is one of four different pictures that I took, trying to get one that made my legs look as long and tan as possible. And then I remembered: I have just told you a story about falling on my ass over a dishwasher because I was distracted by the lights and noises coming from a box in the next room. My vanity is clearly not an issue.


The Bouldins said...

the new layout rocks! i love it!

and the bruise is pretty incredible itself. although for different reasons.

jamie said...

The new layout is very G - red AND polka dots? Fab.