Monday, March 30, 2009

G: Who names fonts?
G: These are some stinkin' weird names/
G: Why can't they be all, "This font is called Steve"
C: You should Twitter that.

G: I would except that I still have few followers
G: And I'd rather bug you

G: Also, sometimes it's exactly like being in an episode of the Office.
G: Except not funny, even in an awkward way.
G: Except for the eyebrow arches I make to that isn't there.
C: I don't think the people in The Office actually think it's funny.

G: Jim does.
C: Actually, that'd be hilarious: pretend like there's a mockumentary crew following you around all the time.
G: lol
C: We should meet up in [conference room] sometime and do an interview.
G: Yay, a new coping mechanism!

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