Monday, March 30, 2009

One of my qualities that gets on my nerves is my tendency to want to be The Boss, especially when it comes to social gatherings.

Ever since high school, I've been the one that organized parties, impromptu or planned, figured out the menu, and other logistics: Are we watching a movie? Didn't we watch Rocky Horror last time? J'aime hates ice cream, so let's do cookies instead. How many teenagers can fit into a Suburban? Is stealing campaign signs technically illegal? How many rolls of toilet paper will we need?

This carried over into college - my apartment was often the gathering place for several-hours-long games of Trivial Pursuit, and inebriated viewings of Disney movies, and drunken shenanigans in general. (Staying in is a lot cheaper than going out, and then your bed and your toilet are so much closer!)

It's something I enjoy, because I am a pleaser and want everyone to have a good time and eat well. Also, I just really like to run the show.

So it's been difficult for me, as a member of the Activity Committee here at work, to see our committee chair post fliers for the upcoming social covered in cheesy clipart and enough exclamation points to choke a horse, (Assuming any being could choke on punctuation. And yeah, that's maybe a bit of an exaggeration. But you get the point.), and to continue to act like a martyr and that planning a party is The Hardest Thing Ever. She actually made the comment that she is "not counting on having a good time" at the party.


You do remember that management will be providing kegs of delicious Shiner, right?
And that there are a dozen other people on the committee who will be there helping?
And that this will not be the First Work Social Ever In The History Of Such Things?

So to see her run around and get overstressed over this event that is still three weeks away is really starting to grate on me. Part of me wants to be all, Just shutup and let me handle this and do as I tell you, and the other half is all, Gin just shut your hole and let someone else be in charge FOR ONCE. And also, no one likes a tipsy hostess.


Electric Monk said...

Sounds vaguely like the Party Planning Committee on The Office.

I stole your Prozac said...

Are you me? and I you? For real, each post further confirms my suspicions of parallel universe/twins separated at birth kinda stuff going on here.