Monday, March 30, 2009

What do I need to add to my Netflix queue?

I am sort of cinematically uninspired right now.
I get my envelopes in the mail - Yay! Christmas! - open them up, and can't remember why I added that in the first place.

So sell it: what are your favorite movies - guilty pleasures, period dramas, weepers?
Points off for gratuitous explosions, or Steven Seagal or Van Damme in a starring role.

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The Bouldins said...

One of the best movies I saw was a French one (points off for subtitles?) called The Dinner Game where a group of business men have a weekly dinner where each one has to invite the biggest idiot he met that week and everyone then makes fun of the idiots at the dinner. And of course things screw up and go a little crazy.

Other than having to read subtitles, it's pretty light viewing. You may be fluent in French and not even need to read the subtitles.

That's my suggestion.