Thursday, April 2, 2009

I did something this morning that I never, ever thought I would do.

I bought a pair of Crocs.
More specifically, off-brand drugstore Crocs.

I should note that this purchase was under duress – the “30% of scattered showers” forecast from last night turned into “monsoon conditions” this morning. Dear Weather Dude, You suck ass. Love, Gin.

The 200 yards of uncovered, flood-prone parking lot I have to navigate through each morning, and the fact that I’d left my umbrella at work made an emergency stop at CVS this morning totally necessary. (Also, Dear CVS Dude, When a wet and bedraggled woman comes into your store out of the pouring rain asking where the umbrellas are, that is not the time to make a joke, unless you want said umbrella shoved up your ass. Love, Gin)(Check me out with all those obnoxious mental You Suck letters.) There are few things I hate more than squidgy, wet socks – I’d rather wade through ditch water and discreetly wash my feet in the bathroom than wear wet, then damp, then stiffly-dried-to-my-hairy-legs socks all day.

Anyway, so this morning found me under horrid fluorescent lighting, listening to the musical stylings of Michael McDonald, purchasing the most piece-of-crap-13-effing-dollar umbrella and sad plastic shoes.



The Bouldins said...

My kids wear the Wal-Mart "crocs" all the time. Julia can put them on by herself; they are only $5 which means 1)I can buy extras for dress up and 2)I don't get irritated when the kids outgrow them 20 minutes after I purchase them.

However, I don't own a pair for myself, but would have if faced with your dilemma.

I am Trish Marie said...

Well the good news is if you come over to my house, you will completely fit in with all my croc wearing neighbors. Although, really, it is mostly the men who wear them. And sadly, they will call you out on your non-name brand pair.