Friday, April 3, 2009

Some coworkers and I met up after work yesterday to drink beer, eat chips and queso, and play Rock Band. Can I just say that I have found my new purpose in life? I was awesome. I should play buzzed more often.

When I’ve played before, I’ve always sucked and been delegated to singer, which I totally rule at. But last night I was forced to share the mic, and so I tried drums and guitar again, and some kind of magic happened, and I was actually pretty good.

So on the way home last night, I was still in the Spirit of Rock, and was listening to each song on my mp3 with Rock Band potential in mind. Black Betty by Ram Jam came on, and I was nearly overcome by the awesome mental images of myself wailing on the drums on this one.

This is an awesome song anyway – I always picture that scene from Blow, with Johnny Depp strutting through the airport with a suitcase full of drug money.

May your weekend be filled with strut-worthy rock and roll.

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Bj in Dallas said...

First time over from Shindigs blog- and so on the money!
That song, my friends and I partied to way too much, and drove from Lawton Oklahoma to Wichita Falls Tx one night just to hear them play that song...
they sucked the rest of the songs.
So we left and went and bought beer and drove home.

And Johnny Depp is muy bueno..