Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh, yeah!

I took a little vacation! And didn't post any pictures! Because Life got in the way!

J is about to make some sweet love to a mockup of the external tank and solid rocket boosters.

We got complimentary passes to the exhibits at the Kennedy Space Center visitor's center as part of our launch passes. I took pictures of some of that stuff, but they aren't as interesting as they contain no references to fellatio.

And even though we got up at 3 in the morning (!!!) to catch the original launch time of 7:40 EDT on June 13, it wasn't for nothing. Out hotel was about 100 yards from the beach, so we walked down and watched the sun rise.

It was pretty fucking awesome.

So is my husband.

But dude, I can't take him anywhere without him trying to put shit in his mouth.

The upside of not having a launch to attend is that we were able to spend most of the day at the beach, though we managed to not only avoid sunburn but return just as white as when we started.

And despite the disappointment of not getting to see a launch, we still had a really good time.


Amanda said...

Hurrah! What a fun vacation you had. Plus also, what a hottie for a husband you have! :)

mommaruth said...

I have a fellow who does the exact same thing - puts all kinds of random shit in his mouth! But at least he's interesting! :) great pictures!

Allie said...

Awww, what a nice trip....and I LOVE the first photo!!!!

Zakary said...

I'm glad you had fun!

This blog needs more J!