Thursday, June 25, 2009

Since I spent a lot of time in airplanes/airports/lonely hotel rooms last week, I managed to polish off two books: Bonk by Mary Roach, and Rockabye by Rebecca Woolf.

I really dug Bonk - smart, funny, knowledgeable without being dry. Yes, please - let's talk about the more humorous aspects of sex and its study and how something can be kind of ridiculous and awesome at the same time. I loved the footnotes; I talk with parentheses and asides and footnotes, and it made total sense to me. The ending was a little abrupt and lacking - it felt rushed and a little lacking. Overall, pretty entertaining: B+

Rockabye was a little disappointing. I heard of Rebecca through momversations, and I always enjoy what she has to say, though I have never followed her blog. I guess maybe some writing styles don't translate very well into book form - I found myself skimming over paragraphs at a time because it sometimes got a little too navel-gazing for me, I guess. You are the sea, your son is the sky, the wind in the trees, yadda yadda yadda, I get it, okay moving on. I did like the constant message that you should always hold on to your sense of self with all the life changes you go through - it can be possible to absorb a new identity as mother (or spouse or whatever), and while it will change you, it does not have to define you - that is not all you are capable of being. So, meh: C+

I have three other half-read books lying around the house, but none of them are really calling out to me right now. Any suggestions?


Amanda said...

Know it All by AJ Jacobs is a great, funny, easy read.

See my list on the side of my blog for all that I have read lately.

arollerskatingjam said...

You ought to read Roach's other book, Stiff. Super fascinating.

I am Trish Marie said...

Well let's see, I just finished the literary great of LA Candy by Lauren Conrad (although, let's not lie...I enjoyed it way too much).