Friday, August 21, 2009

Have been SO EXHAUSTED all week - it's been all I can do to drag my ass out of bed each morning. All week I have been looking forward to the opportunity to sleep in, that now I fear I am too excited to fall asleep. Bah.

Related: I have been having some WEIRD dreams, too. Among them:
  1. Creepy horror-movie sex between humans and undead creatures. I know, it's totally gross - trust me, the indelible image of this in my head is wishing-for-brain-bleach terrifying. And I have no idea where it came from, as I am a huge chicken and can't even watch The Sixth Sense without freaking myself out.
  2. I had driven up to Austin to visit my friend Alyx. She had a house right on the beach - like, so close that high tide reached her front steps. In Austin. The beach. I don't know.
  3. Random flashes of being back in primary and elementary school, but at the age of 27. I guess the barrage of Back! To! School! stuff is getting to me.

And Now For Something Completely Different

J and I are going out for the third weekend in a row - it's like the Us from 7 years ago!
August has truly been a banner month.

Two weeks ago we saw Kim Lenz - it was a good show, though I remembered that I am much more accustomed to dancing on a beer-slicked dance floor in Chucks and not my cute little vintage-inspired dancing shoes. I kept feeling like I was going to fall and eat it, so that dampered my fun just a little bit. But my sister-in-law and a friend came too, and what my evening lacked in dancing was made up for in Cute Outfit dissection.

Last weekend we made the drive to Schulenberg to see Wayne Hancock play at Sengelmann Hall. DUDE, what a neat venue - a restored dance hall and saloon, with a restuarant downstairs and a most excellent bar and dance floor upstairs. We saw some dudes that looked familiar - turns out, they were also from Houston, and one guy remembered being at the Cave Catt Sammy show the night we got engaged (small world!). Bonus for the fact that we have family that we can crash with less than 20 minutes away - we will totally be going again. (J's 2 cents: "I want to go for Polka Sunday." Gin's 2 cents to J's 2 cents: "Dude, who was it that taught your ass how to polka?" In other news: I am a geek for knowing how to polka.)

Tomorrow night is the much-anticipated Hot Club Of Cowtown show - WOOT! These guys are so awesome - I can't wait to boogie down.

If you are in Houston and need some funsies for your Saturday night, you should come to the show - I will totally polka, hustle, or any other dance with you.

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Alyx said...

I *wish* I had a beach house in Austin. If it could exist, you'd be allowed to crash anytime.