Thursday, September 10, 2009

May God strike me bald if any bit of this is a lie

I was awakened at 2:26 this morning with a funny tickle in my throat and a desperate need for an ice cold glass of water. As I sat up, a phrase popped into my head: “AMAZING FEATS OF SARCASM AND NONSENSE!”. Even in my groggy state, I could appreciate the Awesome of this thought (I even googled it just now, and NOTHING!), so I grabbed a pen and the Post-Its off my dresser and scribbled it down in the dark, along with the time, because I knew this was something I wanted to remember in the morning.

I always think of really interesting and random, funny stuff either riiiiiight before I drift off, or when I wake up in the middle of the night – but I wake up, and it has all run away from my brain.

So anyway, I was in the shower this morning and remembered the thought and the scribble and the awesome, and thought, “I am totally going to take a picture of my note and post it in the morning.” So I hop out, run over to my nightstand, and discover that I have scrawled it on top of some sensitive identifying information that I do NOT want to post. So poop on that. But suffice it to say that it all actually happened, and I have now found a new subtitle for my humble blog.


tincupchalice said...

That's fantastic! I always think of things but am too lazy to roll over and write them down ... and then I wake up and think "damn, what was that brilliant idea I had last night?" either that or I'm in the shower. Either way I'm screwed. Glad you were able to write yours down!

ZDub said...

Nice, I like it!