Friday, September 11, 2009

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail...

Things that have tried to foil my weekend plans:
  1. Work stress (just a post-long-weekend-OMG-I-Have-So-Much-To-Do freakout)
  2. Shitty weather (South Texas afternoon thunderstorms? I laugh at you.)
  3. The threat of tonsillitis (I’ve got drugs, bitches – DOWN, INFLAMMATION!)
  4. The fact that I still have work to finish before I can go back home, and once I get home, have to throw a bag together, and how am I spending my time? Writing a post.

Going to spend a couple of days in Nac for the first time in…wow, since 2004 or 2005? and get in some excellent Jamie Time. WOOOOOOOT!

Things that will happen this weekend:
  1. We will be tearing into some wine
  2. We will bake homemade cookies using my most excellent tried-and-true recipe
  3. I will get all ferkplempt remembering the awesome times we had in college
  4. Then I will feel old
  5. We will stay up talking into the wee hours until I am hoarse
  6. We will be buying some shoes (OH SNAP, YOU WON’T BE THERE TO STOP ME, JOHN!!!)
Have an awesome weekend, my chickens!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

#4.5 Then will feel even older when we're at the tailgate on Saturday afternoon and realize that these freshmen were born in the 1990s. 1991 or 1992, to be exact. Yeah.

#4.75 Then we will make ourselves feel better by laughing at the stupid things they wear to tailgates, like dresses and heels.